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kahlia ♥
 So, this is basically a hi to all my new friends from the glee_besties  meme! WELCOME! I don't have nearly enough Glee fans on my f-list, and I'm still not sure how missgoalie75  and I managed to recruit all the sorts of people that I would actually want to be friends with in this fandom (so many Blaine stans in one place, I can't even <33333), but I'm so glad we did because I have a feeling we're all going to get along splendidly!

So, a real life update of sorts (because it's been a while):
(+) I'm going apartment hunting for next year in two weeks, and EEK! It's kind of like, the more I realise that half this year is already over, the more excited I get about doing something with my life other than selling bread, but also the more terrified I get about moving and actually having to be independent. I'm actually a pretty independent person in general, but my mum and I have gotten so close this year (even if I don't appreciate her telling me about the guy that had a wank in the bathroom at the hospital where she works over dinner), and I'm going to miss her like crazy when I move. The feelings are generally more in the excitement zone right now though, because I feel like I'm getting shit accomplished: I've started my tax return, I get to upgrade my drivers' license next month (it doesn't really feel like I've been driving on my own for almost a year already), and I've made up my mind that yes, I'm going to do the crazy thing and take an extra course every semester next year so that I can get my diploma in Japanese as well. (Two of my friends from high school will also be in that course, so it will be amazing <3)
(+) Speaking of things I'm going to miss when I move out of home: 
(+) Can we just talk about how the first ever time my town actually decides to have a midnight screening for the new HP movie, I can't go because of my fail work schedule that sees me starting work at 4:30 in the morning. I'm going to be going that night instead, probably on my own because all my friends work Thursday nights while I work all morning/have volunteer work in the afternoon, but I can't bring myself to care because all my fandom friends will be around to flail with me when I get home (assuming I don't collapse straight into bed). I love how much this fandom has come back to life in the last month or so, and I can't get enough of the fact that, even though it's over, it's never really going to be over. Like a lot of people I know, I'm not even joking when I say that Harry Potter has changed my life.
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kahlia ♥
03 July 2011 @ 01:39 pm
 For those of who actually care (read: watch Glee), missgoalie75  and I decided it would be a good idea to indulge our penchant for completely and utterly platonic friendships (mostly involving one Blaine Anderson), and started up a comm called glee_besties . Basically, if your characters love each other in a totally platonic way, we're all over that. <33
There'll be more once we actually get around to promoting and gain a few more members, but in the meantime, we'd love to have you. 
[insert cheesy googled quote about friendship here]
kahlia ♥
28 June 2011 @ 01:53 pm
Click to find out more...

I must admit, it's nice to not be pimping something related to a natural disaster, for a change! Either way, the April Showers event these comm had was fabulous, and I'd really recommend joining in with this one, too!
kahlia ♥
23 February 2011 @ 05:16 pm

I'm still tossing up whether I want to write or just donate, but this is amazing, either way. The fandom fundraiser for the Queensland floods was absolutely unbelievable, and I hope this does just as wonderful a job. ♥
kahlia ♥
Totally, just posting to pimp this out (and I say pimp in the most important and non-sleazy of senses, this time). Even if, like me, you don't have time to write something, at least try and bid on a story or support the people writing for this wonderful, wonderful cause. ♥
eta: thanks to takemeto_utopia , whose post pointed me in the direction of the actual comm
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kahlia ♥
14 November 2010 @ 09:37 am

Click to join!

Seeing as I know a lot of you have fabulous (and I seriously mean it) writing and/or art talent, why not actually put it to good use at the pulped_fictions  Winterval Challenge? ;) Challenge runs from December 1 - March 7 - it's like all that Christmassy fanfiction crap, just for longer, and more original! All the challenges will focus upon original fiction and art, and you can join at pulped_fictions  until December 1st. I'd love to see you all there, it looks great. :)

On another note, personal post coming soon (maybe tomorrow?). Friday was my last day of classes EVER (:/), and despite the resultant lack of assessment, my life basically revolves around prom and packing for NZ.
kahlia ♥
02 July 2010 @ 03:43 pm

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